Assistant Restaurant Manager (1)

Also known as: Restaurant Supervisor, Duty Manager

As an assistant restaurant manager your role is to support the general manager with the operation of the restaurant, to maximise sales and retain customers.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• opening and closing the coffee shop
• team briefings to motivate and inform your team of achievements and goals
• food preparation
• taking food and drink orders from customers
• maintaining the hygiene of the equipment

As an assistant restaurant manager you will undertake more responsibilities than the crew members. As well as supporting the restaurant manager implement shift rotas and training, you will maintain an effective working relationship between the crew members. Your team briefings will play a crucial part in motivating the crew members and maximising the sales of the restaurant. Throughout the day it’s your duty to supervise the crew members with their day-to-day tasks and co-ordinate their activites. 

The assistant manager is still involved with the practical aspects of running the restaurant, and supporting the team members by taking orders and preparing food. The will take on extra duties such as opening and closing the store, and oversee the cashing up process.

A successful restaurant manager can work well under pressure and boost team moral.