Bar Tender Person (1)

Also known as: Bar Tender, Bar Keeper, Bar Server, Drinks Server, Bar Maid, Bar Man, Bar Back

As a bar person/tender at an event your duty is to serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to guests. You may be stationed at a bar, or required to liaise with guests and serve them. 

Your day to day duties may involve:
• taking guests drink orders
• liaising with guests
• clearing the bar area
• re-stocking drinks

As a bar person/tender at an event, you may be serving guests at a marquee, a banqueting hall and even outdoors in the grounds of a stately home. You may be asked to serve at banquets, cocktail parties, special dinners and weddings – where there is a cause for celebration.

Before the event you will work with other bar team members to set up the bar area, stock the shelves, and make sure the drinks are at the correct temperature. During the event you will busy preparing and serving drinks, and keeping the bar area clean. In addition to serving a wide range of beers, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks, most bars also offer a choice of wines, coffee and cocktails. In this case you’ll need to be familiar with the menu and the techniques to make the drinks.

Good customer service skills are essential as you’ll be interacting with guests, and it’s important that you follow the licensing laws regarding the correct measures for each drink, and the age of the consumer.