Chef de Partie – Fine Dining

Also known as: Chef

As a chef de partie your role is to prepare, cook and present the food. A chef de partie will have a number of years experience in a professional kitchen environment.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• food preparation
• cooking food
• plating food
• maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen

As a chef de partie you will cook, prepare and plate dishes ready to serve at the restaurant. The waiting staff will inform the kitchen team of the menu items ordered from the restaurant and the chef de partie will work in the kitchen to prepare the dishes. If there are multiple orders from one table, the chef de partie and the team must work together to make sure they are served at a similar time.As the dishes in a fine dining restaurant are made from scratch, the guests at the restaurant will expect a longer wait.

You’ll work with many types of ingredients, as a fine dining restaurant will rotate its menu and use fresh, seasonal produce. Fresh ingredients have a low shelf life so the stock will be monitored so the fresh food is not contaminated. It’s important that you store food items correctly and adhere to health and hygiene procedures.

Although the chef de partie has many years experience in the kitchen environment they will still be learning