Crew Member – Fast Food

Also known as: Food Service Worker, Delicatessen Clerk, Delicatessen Worker, Front Line Worker, Catering Assistant

As a crew member for a quick-service restaurant your role is to prepare food and assist customers in a fast-paced environment. You will undertake a variety of duties such as operating the till, preparing menu items in line with company standards, and dispensing meals and drinks.

Your day-to-day duties may  involve:
• food preparation
• restocking food, drinks, napkins and condiments 
• taking food and drink orders from customers
• keeping the kitchen and display areas clean
• maintaining the hygiene of the equipment

As a crew member, working in a team is essential to providing timely and effective customer service. As many orders are taken at once, every crew member must work together and communicate clearly to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Crew members are responsive to individual customer’s needs and take the opportunity to maximise sales by recommendations and suggestions, meaning it is important they have excellent knowledge of the menu. You will report to the restaurant manager and support them with the operation of the restaurant, ensuring you maintain food and health and safety standards at all times.

As quick-service restaurants rely on effective team-work, crew members must have excellent communication skills.