Head of Waiting Staff (2)

Also known as: Duty Manager

As a shift leader you are responsible for managing a team of waiters/waitresses and maintaining high standards of customer care at the restaurant. 

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

• taking guests orders
• collecting payment at the end of the meal
• creating shift rotas
•maintaining health and safety procedures

The shift leader will organise the waiters and waitresses and supervise them while they serve the guests, ensuring that the food and drink service is according to company policy. You will also ensure that the waiting staff have cleared the plates and other unwanted items from the table, replenished the drinks and wine glasses, and are maintaining the cleanliness of the venue. You will also be responsible for greeting the customers, showing them to their table, taking orders and collecting their payment at the end of the meal.

You’ll liaise with the kitchen team and let them know the dishes to prepare. Between each meal you’ll clear the table and take the chance to maximise sales with recommendations and suggestions. At the end of the service you will direct the customer to the till and process the payment.

In addition to supervising the staff, you will create staff rotas to ensure there are enough team members for each service. The shift leader must have great interpersonal skills to manage a team and keep them motivated.