Junior Chef/Commis Chef – Fine Dining

Also known as: Trainee Cook, Trainee Chef, Apprentice Chef, Food Preparation Assistant, Junior chef

As a commis chef your role is assist the senior chefs prepare, cook and plate the food. Every shift will be different, but your main day to day duties would include:

• food preparation
• plating food
• learning new techniques
• maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen

A commis chef is a junior team member and therefore most of your time will be spent learning new skills. You will learn how to prepare, cook and plate basic dishes and learn new techniques from senior members of staff. You’ll work with many types of ingredients, as a fine dining restaurant will rotate its menu and use fresh, seasonal produce.

Before the food service begins at the restaurant you will ensure the kitchen is prepared, and the food is stored correctly. As fresh ingredients have a low shelf life, the stock will be monitored so the fresh food is not contaminated. While the restaurant is open for service you will prepare the food while keeping the kitchen clean.

As you grow more experienced you will also help plate the food. The commis chef is a vital member of the team, and the other chefs rely on you for preparing the food. You’ll need to listen clearly for instructions and have a willingness to learn.