Restaurant Manager (2)

Also known as: Food Service Director, Food Service Manager, Cafeteria Manager, General Manager, Catering Manager, Pub and Restaurant Manager

As a restaurant manager your duty is to oversee  the restaurant,  maximise sales and retain customers.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• opening and closing the restaurant
• managing budgets
• maintaining health and hygiene standards
• co-ordinating the kitchen and waiting staff

The restaurant manager has the responsibility of running all aspects of the restaurant. During the breakfast, lunch and dinner service you’ll manage the kitchen staff, bar staff and waiters to ensure every part of the service is running smoothly. As well as co-ordinating the practical aspects of the restaurant you will be responsible for managing budgets, sales targets and purchasing stock. You will also implement HR practices by training and developing your staff so they have have high standards of customer service and care. 

As a senior team member you must make sure your staff are aware of health and safety practices. You will ensure the administration procedures are completed and maintain a high standard of personal presentation and punctuality among your staff.

As restaurant manager you must have fantastic communication skills and work well in a fast-paced environment.