Senior Events Manager – Events

Also known as: Senior Venue Manager, Senior Conference Services Manager, Senior Catering Manager, Senior Convention Services Manager (CSM), Senior Conference Planner, Senior Director of Conference Services, Senior Conference Manager, Senior Conference Planning Manager, Senior Catering and Convention Services Manager, Senior Bar & Events Manager

As a senior event manager you will have the responsibility of planning, co-ordinating and promoting an event on behalf of a client or your own organisation.  You will liaise with suppliers, exhibitors, guests and clients to ensure the event is just as planned, and manage a team of event co-ordinators. 

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

• liaising with your clients
• negotiating contracts between yourself and the client
• maintaining a record of expenses and adhering to budgets
• initiating the promotion of the event, via social media, the press, phone calls
• meeting and greeting guests

As a senior event manager you may specialise in one area, or plan an array of events – from weddings to music concerts. Events include parties, music festivals, conferences, and product launches. You will manage every aspect of co-ordinating an event from sales to marketing.  You will also plan the distribution of posters and promotional items to advertise the event and ensure the event co-ordinators are selling stand space to exhibitors before and during an exhibition.

As a senior event manager you will work with an event manager to co-ordinate the operational aspects of the event. This involves planning timetables and liaising with caterers, contractors, and equipment hire companies to supply the venue with food and any additional services such as electrical appliances.  You will ensure the event-coordinators are working effectively and dealing with enquiries from exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and visitors. It is essential that you organise insurance and security for the event, and ensure that the event manager is adhering to health and safety regulations.

As well as organising the event, it is vital that a senior event manager maintains a record of expenses and keeps to the budget requested by the client.