Sous Chef – Fine Dining

Also known as: Senior Chef, Second Chef

As a sous chef your role is to assist the head chef plan and direct the activities within the kitchen.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• food preparation
• plating food
• maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen
• planning staff rotas
• developing the menu

The sous chef is a key figure in ensuring the kitchen is working efficiently. As a sous chef you will help the head chef lead and motivate the kitchen team, ensuring that all dishes are prepared, cooked and presented to high standards. You will ensure that the food is of the highest quality and that regular temperature checks are carried out. The sous chef will also work with the head chef to create menus and liaise with the sommelier who will create an accompanying drinks menu.

As a sous chef you are responsible for training your staff and making sure they are aware of the current menu. You will encourage them to use efficient food preparation techniques that will enable a quick production of dishes at the restaurant. It is your responsibility to maintain health and hygiene standards in the kitchen and check that the team members are doing the same. 

You’ll work with many types of