Also known as: Betting Operator

As a casino cashier your role is to deal with guest transactions and enquiries in an efficient and friendly manner at the casino cage. The financial hub for any casino is the cage area where chips are exchanged for cash, and it is where the largest financial transactions take place.

Your day-to-day duties will include:
• maintaining the cash float
• carrying out customer transactions
• handling incoming money from the casino
• counting and recording cash balances
• providing credit for clients

It is the responsibility of the cashiers to record the transactions coming into the cage area. The cashiers will count the cash during each transaction, as well as perform basic accounting duties. Sometimes there may be problems reconciling incoming and outgoing figures from the cage area, so the cashiers will work together to work out the correct innings.

As a cashier you must be organised, and have a head for numbers. Every day you will be required to keep an inventory of monetary transactions, including credit slips and chips. You will follow a strict protocol at the end of the shift to ensure the money is safe and it has been processed correctly.