Deputy Manager

Also known as: Deputy Manager, Duty Manager, Deputy General Manager, Senior Assistant Manager, Assistant Manager, Hotel Operations Manager

As a deputy manager your role is to assist the general manager co-ordinate the bingo club. You will manage a team of gaming machine assistants, general assistants, bingo callers and department managers.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• supervising team members
• dealing with suspicious customers
• liaising with customers during gaming sessions
• handling gaming transactions
• implementing HR practices
• making shift rotas for the team members

The deputy manager will take responsibility for co-ordinating the departments within a gaming establishment. You will liaise with the department managers to ensure the teams are motivated and meeting their objectives. It is important that you work with the deputy managers to maintain company regulations and ensure the gaming is fair and everyone has an equal chance of winning.

As a deputy manager you will create shift rotas and allocate tasks to team members. You will also have an active role in recruiting, training and developing staff, ensuring your team provide a high level of customer care and follow company procedures. You will need a head for numbers as you’ll implement and maintain budgets, and work with the general manager to set sales targets for the business.

As the deputy manager you must have fantastic communication skills and be comfortable handling multiple projects at once.