Chef/Cook (2)

Also known as: Food Service Supervisor, Cafeteria Manager

As a chef for a school you will prepare and cook nutritional food to be served in a cafeteria. Once the food is complete you’ll assist the catering assistants serve the food to both pupils and the staff. 

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• food preparation
• serving food and drink
• maintaining health and safety procedures

As a chef you will cook and prepare food in line with the school’s requirements. You will ensure the content is healthy and there is a variety of food for the pupils to choose from.  Many ingredients have a low shelf life so you regularly monitor stock to ensure there is no contamination of the fresh food. It’s important that you store food items correctly and adhere to all health and hygiene standards.

You will allocate work to kitchen/catering assistants and supervise them when appropriate. With help from your team members, you will prepare and cook dishes in line with the school’s policy and relevant legislation. As you will be producing a large volume of meals you will ensure that the recipes are followed and the portion sizes monitored so everyone is fed.

Once the food is made you will serve it to the pupils and the staff.