Finance Director – Hotels

Also known as: Financial Director, Chief Financial Officer

As Finance Director you would be responsible for financial planning, financial record-keeping, financial reporting, and the management of financial risks and would normally report to the Chief Executive Officer and board of directors of a company and may also sit on the board of directors yourself.

Your duties may include:

• Provide direction and leadership to the department
• Supervisory responsibility for accounting procedures
• Supervisory responsibility for payroll
• Recruitment, motivation, selection, training and promotion of financial staff
• Advise the CEO and board of directors on financial strategy and its impact on company objectives
• Regularly receive financial reports and compare sales and income targets and projections against the reported figures
• Assist the board in sourcing prospects for future income by analysing financial trends and any gaps in the market or potential opportunities
• Participate in financial, human resources and strategic planning
• Involvement in media and stock market liaison and strategy.