Floor Manager – Hotels

Also known as: Housekeeping Deputy, Facilities Duty Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping Deputy manager

A floor manager is responsible for supervising the work of room attendants. You will review their work to ensure the hotel environment is clean and hygienic.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• meeting and greeting guests
• cleaning and maintaining the hotel rooms
• creating shift rotas
• maintaining health and safety procedures

As a floor manager you will support the room attendants as they clean and maintain the hotel rooms. The floor manager is responsible for overseeing one floor or many floors depending on their experience.  As the floor manager you will report to the head housekeeper and will become the deputy head housekeeper in their absence. 

As a manager, it’s vital that you hold team briefings and oversee the work of your team. You will also implement health and safety procedures to make sure they are using the correct methods to keep the rooms clean.

The floor manager will liaise with other departments to co-ordinate the activities of their own team. For example, there will be regular communication with the linen assistant to ensure there is the right amount of clean material for new arrivals. It’s essential that you also speak with the reception so you’re aware of guests checking in and out. The floor manager will need good communication skills to maintain organisation between the various departments.