Linen Room Assistant – Hotels

Also known as: Laundry Assistant, Housekeeping Assistant

The linen room assistant is responsible for organising the laundry for the guest rooms and the restaurant and banqueting departments.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• collecting linen to wash and clean
• stock taking
• liaising with the housekeeping team

The linen assistant will wash, dry and press the linen using large-scale, professional equipment. You will issue fresh linen for use in the various departments and collect used linen. As high standards of cleanliness are important the linen assistant will check that all linen is clear of damage and general wear and tear.

Every department within the hotel will require linen and often at short notice. This means as a linen assistant you’ll need to keep the equipment in an orderly manner, so you can produce the correct stock quickly.  You’ll communicate regularly with the housekeeping team to ensure there is the right amount of sheets and towels for the new arrivals. You will also need to account for every item by taking regular stock takes. 

You will report to the floor manager who will support you with your daily duties and co-ordinate your tasks.