Also known as: Receptionist, Member Service Representative, Office Assistant, File Clerk, Front Desk Receptionist, Greeter, Reservationist

As a receptionist for a hotel you will be the first member of staff to greet guests as they arrive. You will also be responsible for making reservations and taking bookings.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• greeting guests
• booking accommodation
• making reservations
• taking telephone enquiries

The role of a receptionist is to create a welcoming environment as guests arrive at the hotel.  You will maintain the front desk by keeping it clean and tidy, as well as presenting it with the appropriate material, such as leaflets and maps. As guests arrive you will show them to their rooms and assist them with their luggage. When appropriate you will take the opportunity to sell upgrades and special offers to increase revenue for the hotel.

When there are no arrivals or departures, you will process reservations and bookings. These will be made on the telephone, in person, by letter, fax or email. You’ll need excellent communication and IT skills to process these accurately and efficiently.  Knowledge of a second language is useful as hotels receive many visitors from outside the UK.