Pub/Bar Manager

Also known as: Bar Supervisor, Bar Duty Manager, Beverage Manager, Trainee Assistant Manager, Team Leader, Pub Manager, Pub Landlord

The responsibility of a bar manger is to oversee the operation of the bar. You will co-ordinate the activities of your team members to ensure a welcoming environment and quick service.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• supervising bar team members
• ordering stock
• creating staff rotas
• maintaining identification procedures
• implementing and managing budgets

Bar service is provided at a range of establishments, you could be working at a nightclub, restaurant, hotel or similar. The responsibility of the manager is to co-ordinate tasks to keep the bar running smoothly. During the bar service you will organise the bar area, ensuring that the tables are cleared of any empty glasses. You will also supervise the bar staff to ensure the shelves are re-stocked, the bar counters are kept tidy and there is sufficient change in the tills. You will need to make sure that the customers are served as quickly as possible, given the correct food and drink, and the correct change. When the bar is busy, waiting customers should be promptly acknowledged and  then served in order of their arrival. 

As the manager it is your responsibility to create a safe environment for the customers and your team. If there is a disagreeable customer, or signs of trouble or misbehaviour, you will be tactful and use firm action to diffuse the situation.

It is also important that you regularly brief your staff about identification laws. There are strict laws regarding the identification process, and  if they are not followed  the pub will risk closure. You will also perform health and safety checks, purchase stock from suppliers, and implement budgets to ensure your business is profitable.