Catering Assistant – Youth Hostels

Also known as: Hostel Assistant, General Assistant, Cashier,

As a catering assistant in a youth hostel, your duty is to prepare and serve food and drink to guests. A youth hostel is a vibrant environment where you’ll meet a variety of people every day.

Your day-to-day duties may involve: 
• food preparation
• serving guests  food and drink
• maintaining health and hygiene standards
• meeting and greeting guests

Your main duty is to deliver a great dining experience for guests at the youth hostel. You will work with many catering assistants to prepare the food, advise guests about the menu and provide a waiting service.

Before serving the food you will help set up the hostel eating areas and the self-service counter.  Cutlery, trays, napkins and condiments should be well stocked for the guests to use. During the food service you will collect dishes of food from the kitchen, return empty plates and keep the counter, tables, and surrounding areas clean and tidy.

Your duties will include making tea and coffee, and it’s likely you’ll assist many departments within the youth hostel. You may be expected to take over reception desk, assist the housekeeping department, or help the general maintenance team. Working in a youth hostel is a great way to experience many job roles within the hospitality industry.