Host – Fine Dining

Also known as: 

As a host your role is to meet and greet guests and if required give them guidance about the menu, and the restaurant’s facilities.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• meeting and greeting guests
• storing guests items
• making reservations

As the host you play a key part in creating an intimate experience at a fine dining restaurant. You will answer enquiries made by visitors at the door, and make reservations if requested.

As customers enter the restaurant you will welcome them and offer them a menu while they wait to be seated. If customers do not want to wear their coats, bags or luggage you will store it safely in the cloakroom while they eat. As the guests leave the restaurant you will wish them a good journey and return their items.

When the restaurant is not busy the host may help the bar and waiting staff with various duties, such as clearing tables and processing payments.