Still Room Assistant – Fine Dining

Also known as: 

As a still room assistant you will be required to take care of the area between the restaurant and the kitchen that is also known as the still room.

Your day-today duties may involve:
• maintaining the cleanliness of the still room
• adhering to health and safety standards
• food preparation

The still room assistant will be responsible for cleaning kitchen utensils and maintaining the order of the still room. You’ll ensure that the utensils are cleaned and well stocked ready for use in the kitchen and restaurant. In your working environment  safety is paramount, so you’ll ensure that you and your team members use the correct procedures when operating machinery. If there is a fault with the kitchen equipment you’ll be in charge of contacting the maintenance team to fix it.

As well as maintaining the cleanliness of the still room you may help the chefs prepare the food. Good listening and communication skills are vital as you will follow instructions from every team member in the restaurant.