Attractions Mgr/ General Manager – Visitor Attractions

Also known as: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Maintenance, Food and Beverage or Retail within larger parks

Millions of people flock to the UK’s visitor attractions each year – enjoying our famous theme parks, unrivalled museums and, weather permitting, seaside resorts!

As a general manager your role will cover a range of responsibilities, from managing the customer experience and strategic planning, to monitoring health and safety and overseeing the attraction’s finances and staff management. Above all else – you will be tasked with keeping visitors flooding through the gates to maximise profits, and ensuring they leave with fond memories of an enjoyable day out (and plans to return…).

You will deliver the brand proposition, ensuring that effective service delivery is provided, while meeting operational quality standards day-to-day. You will introduce and monitor new business opportunities to ensure continuous profit growth and a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Your everyday duties may include:

• implementing health and safety procedures
• managing budgets
• liaising with suppliers
• liaising with local government and trade bodies
• implementing HR practices

Although the general manager is less involved at ground level, their decisions will affect every aspect of the business and its employees. For example, you may be required to build relationships with external partners, the local government and the media for the benefit of the business. The role will also involve managing revenue, responding effectively to business downturns, and managing HR practices to ensure the workforce is happy, trained and aware of company procedures.