Frontline Staff – Visitor Attractions

Also known as: Front line staff positions in Retail, Food and Beverage, Admissions & Cashier, Rides, Displays & Aquarist, Actors, Guest Experience, Entertainment, Host, Customer Services Assistant.

As a member of the front line staff it is your duty to make sure the guests are having fun. You’ll assist them during their visit and entertain them. There are many job roles within the front line staff, from food and beverage team members to actors and actresses.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• advising guests about activities 
• entertaining guests as an actor or actress
• serving food and beverage
• taking payments at the till point
• maintaining and cleaning the department

Your aim is to create a positive experience for all visitors, whether it’s through great customer service at the till point or staying in character while entertaining the guests. All the front line staff must have excellent knowledge of the areas within the attraction, as they are required to rotate departments and direct guests to activities taking place elsewhere. A helpful and friendly nature is essential for all employees, from actors and actresses to the customer service assistants.

Food and beverage team members, in particular, will need good team work to provide timely customer service. Many orders are taken at once, therefore every team member must work together and communicate clearly to ensure the operation runs smoothly. Food and beverage team members are responsive to customers’ needs and take the opportunity to maximise sales by recommendations and suggestions, meaning it is important they are familiar with the menu.

As a member of the front line staff you must have a positive attitude to keep the guests entertained!