Coffee Shop Manager – Coffee Shop

Also known as: Store Manager

As a coffee shop manager you are responsible for every aspect of the business, ensuring that the team members are working effectively, the customers are satisfied and the business is profitable. The team members, shift supervisor and assistant coffee shop manager all report to the coffee shop manager.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• maintaining the coffee machinery
• taking coffee orders
• making shift rotas for the team members
• advising customers about the drinks available
• managing budgets and cost analysis
• ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to

As a coffee shop manager you will regularly appraise the performance of the assistant manager and supervisor, giving them feedback on what objectives have been met and new goals to achieve. Although the duties of a coffee shop manager are less practical than a team member, you will be on the shop floor overseeing the operations of the coffee shop to identify how it can improve. Sometimes you will assist the team members serve customers and maintain display areas. A coffee shop manager will sometimes check the coffee machinery and taste the coffee to check it is operating properly.

In addition to maintaining the front of house services, you will initiate marketing campaigns to promote the coffee shop in the local area.  As a senior team member you will also perform administrative tasks, including financial reports, budgets, cost analysis and correspondence with suppliers, customers and head office.