Tourism Assistant – Local Authority Tourism

Also known as: Tourism Services Officer

As a tourism assistant, you will be based with a national, regional or a local authority, assisting senior team members while they promote your geographical area. You will be responsible for improving and promoting the tourism facilities in your area.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• liaising with local tourism businesses
• assisting with marketing campaigns
• attending travel trade shows
• conducting market research

The tourism assistant will assist the tourism manager plan and create promotional campaigns to improve the awareness of tourism services in their area. You will help decide upon the marketing and the brand messaging, how it should be communicated, and the audience type.

You will help to collect market research from the target audience and tourism professionals. When the market research is complete, you’ll start the communication campaign and work with advertising agents, designers and photographers to create brochures, newsletters and posters.

If your focus is quality and business development rather than marketing, you will assist the tourism manager as they liaise with employers and quality assurance organisations to promote the best practice among tourism companies in your area. You will also assist the manager develop training initiatives to encourage good customer service and improve skills gaps within the sector.