Local Authority Tourist Manager – Local Authority Tourism

Also known as: Director for Tourism, Head of Tourism and Leisure Services

Tourism is a major source of income within the UK, therefore maintaining the quality of tourism services is very important. Many local authorities will have a tourism services department to co-ordinate support for tourism in their area. As the local authority tourist manager you will liaise with local businesses and government to improve the standards of tourism in your area.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• liaising with local tourism providers
• co-ordinating marketing campaigns
• presenting to tour operators
• attending travel trade shows
• conducting market research
• develop training initiatives

As manager you play a key role in influencing the tourism strategy, working with elected councillors who serve on the tourism committee. You will ensure that developments comply with planning guidelines and succeed in attracting the target market, while making sure there is little congestion, and no damage to ancient sites and the environment. You will initiate market research to guide decision making.

Local authorities are responsible for a wide range of services in a particular area, from social care to waste management. You’ll  liaise with many departments to ensure that their projects co-ordinate with yours and support each other.

You will also develop training initiatives to improve tourism services in the local area.  You may assist other businesses with their marketing campaigns, improve customer service through training packages, or implement a loyalty scheme amongst several businesses such as restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, hotels and visitor attractions. A lot of your time will be spent doing face-to-face presentations, encouraging leading tour operators to bring their business to your area.