Catering Manager – Youth Hostels

Also known as: Kitchen Manager

As catering manager for a youth hostel you are responsible for the restaurant. It is your duty to co-ordinate the kitchen team and catering assistants to serve quality food and maintain a strict budget.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• briefing  the catering assistants
• ordering food stock
• managing budgets
• creating a staff rota
• creating the weekly menu

As the catering manager you are responsible for the food preparation and service at the guest and staff restaurants.  Since many hostels are in rural locations you must be well organised, planning ahead for food orders. You must purchase sufficient cutlery, crockery and utensils before service begins. Every food order is planned carefully so there is no wastage. Every week the catering manager will plan a menu and estimate the head count so the correct ingredients are used. 

You should be a strong team leader, capable of motivating and inspiring your staff to deliver a quality service. You will also play an active role in training and developing your staff to encourage career progression. It is important for the catering manager to maintain good working relationships with both the team members and guests at the restaurant. Keeping the team members motivated will ensure that they provide great customer service, and gaining feedback from the guests ensures the catering manager can continually improve the service.