Concierge – Hotels

Also known as: Concierge, Bellman, Bell Captain, Bellhop, Bellperson, Bell Staff, Bellman Driver, Bellstaff, Valet, Doorman

As a concierge you are based at the reception or porter’s desk and your responsibility is to assist guests as they arrive, and during their stay. You will carry their luggage to their room, arrange their transport, and handle lost property.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• meeting and greeting guests
• arranging transport for guests
• advising guests about local activities

As the concierge deals with many enquiries every day, their duties are extremely varied. As they are the first point of contact at the hotel they will take messages for the guests, sort mail, and look after room keys. The guests will trust the concierge with valuable items and confidential information, so it is a job where discretion is valued.

You may also sell newspapers, postcards and stamps, book theatre tickets, hire cars for the guests, or park their cars. Sometimes you will help with housekeeping and assist the restaurant and banqueting staff set up rooms and lift large furniture. When lifting heavy items it’s important that you adhere to safe practices.