Ents & Leisure Team Member – Holiday Parks

Also known as: Blue Coat, Red Coat, Guest Services Assistant

As an entertainment and leisure team member it is your responsibility to entertain the guests, and create a welcoming, fun environment.  You will meet and greet guests as they arrive and provide innovative ways to create a vibrant holiday.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• meeting and greeting guests
• arranging events
• liaising with the guests
• rehearsing for shows
• DJing at an evening show
• supervising young children at a club

The entertainment and leisure team members are the first to meet and greet guests as they arrive at the holiday centre.

As the guests arrive you will be required to make each of them feel welcome and create a relaxed environment so they can enjoy their holiday. On the first evening you will hold a welcome event, inform guests about the entertainment and where the local amenities are located. While guests are staying at the holiday centre their health and safety is in your hands. Therefore you must be aware of health and safety procedures and immediately inform the guests of fire exits and who to contact in an emergency. 

During the day you may lead a sports or arts based activity, or work in one of the children’s clubs. You will also provide the evening entertainment and organise the cabaret, stage show, or disco and may perform as an actor, actress or DJ.

While you aren’t entertaining the guests you will have various administrative tasks to do, such as confirming guest bookings and organising the day ahead.