Events Coord- inator – Events

Also known as: Assistant Events Co-ordinator, Events Publisher, Promotions Assistant, Conference Services Co-ordinator, Conference Planner, Events Planner, Conference Assistant Manager, Conference Planning Assistant, Event Assistant, Catering and Convention Services Co-ordinator, Catering and Convention Services Assistant

As an event co-ordinator you will support the events team to plan, promote and co-ordinate events on behalf of a client or own organisation. You will liaise with suppliers, exhibitors, guests and clients to ensure the event is just as planned.

Your day-to -day duties may involve:

• finding and securing venues
• supporting  the promotion of the event, via social media, the press, phone calls
• liaising with clients
• meeting and greeting guests
• supporting  exhibitors, guests and suppliers during the event

As an event co-ordinator you may specialise in one area, or plan an array of events – from weddings to music concerts. Events include parties, festivals, conferences, and product launches.

The event co-ordinator will firstly liaise with their client to find out the requirements of the event and the deadline. Depending on the size of your team you may be responsible for booking a suitable venue for the event and creating a publicity campaign to promote it to the public or exhibitors. You may also liaise with newspapers, TV and radio and write press releases in order to gain maximum advertising coverage. If you require several participants to present their services at your event, you’ll promote exhibition space, advertising the benefits of attending your event.

As an event co-ordinator you may need to liaise with the client and suppliers to create the appearance of the venue, and ensure it is as the client requested.  You’ll also contact caterers, contractors, and equipment hire companies to supply the venue with food and any additional services such as electrical appliances. During the event the co-ordinator will support the exhibitors, guests, and suppliers making sure they are satisfied.

A successful event co-ordinator is personable, taking their client’s interests into consideration and making guests feel welcome.