General Manager

Also known as: Bingo Club General Manager

The general manager is the key member of the team in any bingo club and is responsible for all of the club’s gaming activities. This involves overseeing a number of areas, such as business growth, marketing, finance, human resources and customer service standards.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:

• supervising team members
• dealing with suspicious customers
• liaising with customers during gaming sessions
• handling gaming transactions
• implementing HR practices 

As a general manager your job is organise the clubs activities while maintaining a customer-focused environment. As well as recruiting, training and managing the staff, you will oversee the bingo games, ensuring that the winnings are paid out quickly and accurately. It is important that you work with the deputy managers to ensure the gaming is fair and everyone has the same chance of winning. Most bingo clubs have gaming machines and you will implement procedures so the customers use them properly. 

The marketing of the bingo club will be your responsibility and it is important to maintain an effective promotional campaign. Your aim is to bring as many customers to the club so you will think of creative ways to encourage visitors. As the manager of the business you will collect and manage numerical data on takings, profits and losses, and keep a strict record for cost-analysis. The gaming industry has strict regulations and you will need to ensure your business is compliant.