Ops Mgr/ Snr Ops Mgr – Visitor Attractions

Also known as: Retail Manager, Admissions Manager, Guest Experience Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Marketing Manager, and Human Resources Manager.

As an operations manager for a visitor attraction you will manage all operational aspects of the business. Your aim is to maximise profits by effective brand management and improving customer service. The operarations manager will oversee the work of the front line staff and duty manager. 

Your day-to-day duties may include:
• allocating tasks to the front line staff
• implementing marketing strategies and objectives
• implementing shift rotas for the front line staff
• implementing budgets and cost analysis
• ensuring health and safety standards are adhered to

Your aim is to create a positive experience for the visitors by effectively managing the staff within the departments. You will ensure that the departments are running smoothly, and regularly assess health and safety standards to ensure the workplace is safe. The operations manager will also implement marketing strategies to maximise sales and encourage visitors.  

As an operations manager your role is not as practical as the front line staff. You will be responsible for overseeing budgets, the financial aspects of the business, and training and induction procedures. The operations manager will also work closely with the duty managers to ensure the workforce is motivated and the objectives are being met.

An operations manager must have great organisation skills as the role requires overseeing many departments at once.