Room Attendant – Hotels

Also known as: Housekeeper, Environmental Services Worker, Housekeeping Laundry Worker, Cottage Attendant, Room Cleaner

A room attendant is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of rooms at a hotel. You will work with other room attendants to make sure every room has the wow-factor for guests on their arrival.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• cleaning and maintaining hotel rooms
• meeting and greeting guests
• adhering to health and safety procedures

As the room attendant for the hotel you will clean and prepare the hotel rooms for guests during their stay. The hygiene and cleanliness of accommodation is a primary concern for guests, so you will need to be thorough and have an eye for detail.  

While the guests are at the hotel you will change the linen and towels, re-make their beds and re-stock used toiletries. This procedure will be done daily and at the same time each day. You’ll need to be aware of special requests from the guests, and pay attention to any notices or ‘do not disturb signs’ left on their doors. As they leave the hotel you’ll need to quickly prepare the rooms ready for the next arrivals, while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

You’ll clean and tidy the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and communal areas using a range of specialist equipment, and you’ll be trained to use heavy-duty equipment and cleaning agents. Dusting high surfaces, and shampooing the furniture and carpets has to be done at regular intervals. 

It’s crucial that the room attendants report items that need repairing or replacing to maintain the safety and presentation of the hotel.