Team Member/ Barista – Coffee Shop

Also known as: Barista, Counter Assistant

As a team member or barista in a coffee shop, you will use specialist machines to make a range of coffees and hot drinks, serve customers, and ensure the work surfaces are clean and tidy.

Your day-to-day duties may involve:
• advising customers about the beverages in the coffee shop
• taking coffee orders from customers
• making  the order with the correct coffee, milk and flavourings
• checking the coffee machines regularly throughout the day
• keeping the machine and work area clean

Before the coffee shop opens the team members will refill the display counters with food and drink, napkins and cutlery. The presentation of a coffee shop is important to attracting customers and retaining the brand of the business, so the work surfaces and display counters will be cleaned thoroughly and arranged according to company policy. Once the coffee shop is open you will serve customers, making them drinks of their choice and advising them about the types of coffee available.

Throughout the shift it is important that team members restock and wipe down the displays, and return empty mugs and dishes from the coffee shop floor. The cleanliness and hygiene of the coffee shop needs to be maintained, so collection points, the kitchen, tables and display areas are tidied and cleaned regularly. As a team member you are based at the cash point, where customers pay for their food and drink.

As coffee shops are busy environments, team members need to work well under-pressure and enjoy working with people.